About Me

Hey there! If you’re checking out my blog, you’re probably wondering who the author is. My name is Brett Surbey, and I have a passion for learning about Philosophy, Theology, and Christian Apologetics! I also have a passion for sharing it with others and showing them the intellectual veracity of the Christian faith that is so easily lost in our society. I came to develop these passions after going through a post-modern crisis a few years ago, during which I began to doubt the truth of my Christian faith (as well as all truth in general) due to the overwhelming amount of arguments and counter-arguments that seemed to infinitely undercut one other, so no solid footing of truth could be found. It wasn’t until stumbling upon the insights and debates of Christian Apologists that I began to see that one could believe in Christianity based on the evidence which was presented in its favor, and I no longer needed to hide from my doubts nor fear them! Upon having that revelation, I also realized that I needed to share my new found knowledge so that anyone who had questions/objections regarding the Christian faith could be answered, and so I could encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to see just how intellectually sound the Christian worldview really is! I have recently graduated from Peace River Bible Institute in Alberta (where I met my wonderful wife) with a Bachelor of Religious Education and am planning to possibly pursue a Masters Degree focusing on Apologetics in the near future. Regardless of your worldview, I hope this blog will challenge, encourage, and inspire you to reflect on what the Christian faith has to bring to the worldview discussion table.